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Inspired by the pink rhubarb lemonade aunt Maap used to make us, Mister Kitchen went on a culinary quest for the taste explosion of sweet, sour and bitter of this nearly forgotten vegetable. After years of distilling, infusing, ripening, tasting, trials and errors, we discovered the recipe for capturing the unique taste and fluorescent color of fresh rhubarb in a bottle. Mister Kitchen’s Rabarcello is an artisan ‘Dutch Spirit’ with a subtle 18% alcohol. Since its launch our pink drink has enthusiastically been embraced by international chefs, shakers and selected liquor stores. Rabarcello is served in exquisite cocktails and sparkling wine. But best of all, it’s enjoyed straight and chilled as a unique apéritif, next to a harmonic dessert or as an uplifting digestif. Mail us for more info & availability.
Long live the holy stem & cheers!



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Mister Kitchen
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