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Mister Kitchen consists of three masculinary friends.
In search of stories behind ingredients and recipes,
these safari’s inspire us for our own food brand.


Pizza Sauces

Mister Kitchen loves a crispy pizza, full of goodness and flavorful toppings. That’s why we created a number of unique pizza sauces with different vegetables

Veggie spread

Do you suffer from tons of bland hummus at potlucks? Do you need vegan sandwich ideas for work? Mister Kitchen is committed to putting more

Hazelnut spreads

Mister Kitchen dreamed of a hazelnut paste with 25% more nuts, 25% less sugar and 100% less palm oil than Nutella. Our kitchen got busy

Pizza Bases

Mister Kitchen loves thin and crispy pizza’s from Italy. That’s why we created the perfect sourdough recipe in our own kitchen and found the perfect

Peanut Butter

FOR THE LOVE OF PEANUT BUTTER! In our creative kitchen we’ve been inventing the best peanut butter without palm oil, but with the most delicious