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Mister Kitchen is a ‘masculinary’ trio of recipe developers and adventurers with a shared passion for cooking and food. Over the past fifteen years, our shared culinary love inspired us to culinary stories for a variety of media, our own food brand on supermarket shelves, the Dutch event ‘Weekend of the Rolling Kitchens’ as well as trendsetting ‘food design’ assignments for food companies, the restaurant scene, food service and retail.


Mister Kitchen are three friends: Daan, Maarten and Igor. During our student years in a student house at the Vismarkt in the Dutch city of Groningen we discovered our common love for cooking and food. After completing our studies (two of us law and one economics), we each went our separate ways. Daan became an advertising copywriter, Igor worked as producer in the cultural industry and Maarten embarked on his career as a chef in various restaurants after completing his training as a chef. In 2006, we joined forces again and started our culinary creative company Mister Kitchen. Our agency Mister Kitchen accommodates everything that tickles our palates: from various food design assignments and international editorials to TV shows, food events and our very own food brand. ‘Anything goes’, as long as our creations are linked to cooking, food, or nutrition in general.



Better food starts with better recipes. And these are not created in factories or marketing departments, but while travelling and in the kitchen. This is why we have been tasting and writing all over the world for the past 15 years, and this is why a stove is the very core of our company. After endless tinkering and tasting, that is where we develop our recipes which should be tasted all over the world, if it was up to us. These recipes find their way into our articles in Dutch magazines (incl. delicious. and the Albert Heijn magazine Allerhande), result in innovative products for our customers, or get launched as part of our own brand Mister Kitchen’s.




We create innovative products which are superior (aka tastier) in comparison to what can be found on the supermarket shelves at present. Or we go and introduce products that did not exist at all previously. Besides, we are convinced that we can simply make many existing foods animal-free plus even more tasty: ‘veganly delicious’. We believe that vegan products all too often lack a yumminess. Our brand Mister Kitchen’s is available in Dutch supermarkets, as well as increasingly more supermarkets in surrounding countries. Discover our uniquely flavored peanut butter variations, vegan Veggie-Spreads, palmoil free hazelnut spreads, falafel burgers, pizza sauces and sourdough pizza bases!


Every day, we are (inter)active on InstagramFacebook or live in our kitchen at Amsterdam’s creative hub Westergasfabriek. Is there anything missing on the shelves, do you have another request or are you looking for something extraordinary for your brand? Let us know!