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Mister Kitchen’s Veggie Spread

Do you suffer from tons of bland hummus at potlucks? Do you need vegan sandwich ideas for work? Mister Kitchen is committed to putting more veggies on your sandwiches, toast and crackers. We think that the actual range of vegetarian and vegan spreads in the supermarket taste – excuse our Dutch directness – quite boring. So we set out on a mission to create healthy, but most of all delicious vegan sandwich fillings and savory bread spreads. To give you a quick run down of our revolutionary recipe creation: We started out making a healthy base of bean pate and legumes, instead of mayonnaise or oil. Then we made sure our V-Spreads are full of veggies and sensational taste. These four winning flavours made it to the shelves: tomato/zucchinichili/paprika and curry/apple. Easily portable, they make a great companion for your daily travels. Either as vegetable dip, vegan sandwich filling or directly from the glass. Healthy and damn tasty!