Mister Kitchen

Food Design


Apart from our culinary adventures for magazines, our Dutch event Weekend of the Rolling Kitchens, as well as our own food brand, Mister Kitchen is also active as a pioneering creative-culinary agency for selected clients. Typically for other food brands or retailers looking for advice or inspiration for their product development, a (new) retail formula or communication content. We also provide this service for companies which do not primarily manufacture products, but rather face a culinary challenge. By tackling these food design challenges, we intend to improve the present food range with tasty recipes and smart ideas, both in the Netherlands and beyond.


Mister Kitchen’s definition of food design:

‘Food design is the creativity used to innovate, improve or launch food products through new channels. Ranging from developing a single product to a comprehensive (hospitality) format.’

We work for food producers, retailers, the hospitality industry, food services and social organisations. Challenges and results can vary from developing an innovative food product, coming up with a clever recipe improvement (as we do frequently for our own products!), inventing a culinary blueprint for a new hospitality format or a comprehensive convenience concept for a retail client.

Our approach is always the same: we collect all the information about the client’s wishes and limitations which we then use to convert them into the ingredients for our creative process. A process during which we like to work closely with our clients as well as any other partners. We will quickly transform all that input and theory into a recipe, menu, and proposition. Otherwise it’s all just theory, whereas food and eating are really all about tasting and experiencing. That’s when variety to choose from can be achieved. We also have our own independent food brand, so we know exactly what is required when it comes to scalable food design. Our unique set-up with our chef Maarten, our strategic man Igor, our creative spirit Daan in a kitchen at the heart of our company enables us to come up with solutions that are distinct in terms of flavour, originality, and feasibility.

Take a look at our client case studies below, give us a call, send us a mail or visit us in our creative kitchen, and we’ll know soon enough if we have a match!